Youth Mental Health Training

Mental Health Training For Teachers

The Thrive Mental Health team recently went international, delivering Youth Mental Health training to a European education partner. Over two days we focused on empowering the team to support their own mental health and that of others. It was a real privilege to assist people develop a toolkit to support mental well-being.

In the UK, work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounts for over 50% of working days lost and well-being toolkits can greatly aid in the sustainability and happiness of an organisation. These strategies also help optimise performance, reduce absence, improve morale and increase staff engagement.

Take a moment to pause, think about what is in your toolkit and the range of strategies available to you. Different things work at different times and some strategies may be more effective than others. We like to think of it as a menu, not a prescription. Keep following us for insights, ideas and practical strategies to add to the options in your toolkit.



Jessica and Chris leaving Bristol for Poland.


Beautiful busy Warsaw

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