Mental Health Training

Resilience can be defined as the ability – and tendency – to ‘bounce back’ from adversity, with resilient individuals demonstrating greater flexibility, higher energy and consistency than less resilient peers.

We believe that everyone can learn to increase their resilience. Our informative, engaging workshops offer a range of tools and techniques to help all delegates develop resilient mindsets and thrive at school, university and in daily life. Our resilience workshops provide the tools and techniques to help develop resilient individuals, teams and organisations.

Resilience Training

Workplace Resilience Evaluation

Wraw is the world's first psychometric assessment to measure resilience and its impact on wellbeing. It draws on an evidence-based model of resilience, providing a holistic view and covering the mental, emotional and physical elements that impact wellbeing.


The questionnaire takes 10-15 minutes to complete and results generated include; Snapshot Report; Individual Report and Team Report.

Suitable for:

All education sector professionals


Increases employees' self-awareness of current levels of resilience

  • All psychometric assessments facilitated by a qualified mental health practitioner with additional Wraw Master Practitioner qualifications
  • All resources and reports included

Personal Resilience

This workshop provides a range of resources designed to enable delegates to maximise their own personal resilience.

Using the results from delegates individual snapshot report, each person will gain an understanding of their own strengths and development areas.


One day workshop

Suitable for:

All education sector professionals, up to 16 delegates per group


  • Increases employees toolkit of practical strategies, skills and techniques to strengthen the five pillars of personal resilience
  • Facilitated by two qualified mental health practitioners with additional Wraw Master Practitioner qualifications
  • All resources, confidential individual snapshot psychometric report and CPD certificate of attendance included

THRIVE Resilience BOOST Series

The resilience BOOST series is a range of bite-sized, resource-packed sessions targeted at strengthening healthy skills and behaviours in students, resulting in improved quality of life, wellbeing and development.

The BOOST package contains 5 bite-sized, interactive sessions.


5 workshops of 60 minute sessions

Suitable for:

Students, up to 20 delegates per group


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