Thrive Mental Health is inspired by the belief that with the right support, every person has the capacity to flourish and thrive. From an initial conversation, we work alongside you to listen, understand and identify what the unique needs of the organisation are, before formulating a bespoke plan. Our consultancy is a story of working in partnership with organisations and adopting a creative psychological approach to each successful project.

Our innovative mental health, wellbeing and resilience training packages are engaging and delivered across all sectors to leaders, professional teams and students. We specialise in reviewing services, developing new policies and providing consultancy, coaching and clinical supervision to support initiatives for individuals and the whole organisation.

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Mental Health Training

Audit & Evaluation

Mental Health Training

Strategy & Policy

Mental Health Training


Mental Health Training


Mental Health Training


Mental Health Training

Support & Supervision

Mental Health Training


Mental Health Training

Keynote Speaking

For Professionals

Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops

Our variety of mental health and wellbeing workshops, supportive sessions and resources facilitate healthy, productive places of work.

We tailor our training to support your organisation, whether it's a stand-alone workshop, ‘away-day’ facilitation or ongoing support and development.

The Resilience Series For Business

How resilient is your organisation?

We offer psychometric evaluation for individuals, teams, leaders and organisations workplace resilience and wellbeing alongside targeted training and coaching interventions.


For Schools & Universities

Mental Health Programmes

Mental health is not extracurricular, we all need good mental health to thrive in life. We offer a number of whole school approaches and resources for students, teachers, parents and carers.


Resilience for Teachers & Students

Our resilience workshops for students and teachers provide a range of tools, techniques and strategies to take on challenges, persevere through setbacks and ‘bounce back’ in the face of adversity.