Youth Mental Health Training

"It is rare to be engaged over two full days of training, however, the structure and delivery of the Youth Mental Health Course was outstanding, and Jess and Jodie were very knowledgable, professional and very warm."

"Thank you for a wonderfully designed, executed and delivered course. I really appreciated your sensitivity towards the group and subject ... attending the course vastly improved my own wellbeing quickly."

"The way in which both facilitators modelled the care necessary to engage with mental health issues has been exceptionally helpful. I will be 'borrowing' your techniques to use in the future!"

"The Personal Resilience Course materials and handouts are incredibly useful, with lots to take away and digest over time. I loved the case studies and solid examples ... also loved the no- pressure pace and tone of voice, makes me feel very peaceful!"

"I really enjoyed the Personal Resilience Course; loved the materials - very colourful! I found unpacking what resilience is and how it can be acquired, developed and grown so helpful."

"The Group Consultation was very helpful, hearing others perspectives was useful in thinking about the situation with fresh eyes."

"Thrive Mental Health provided an in-depth insight, review and recommendations. In the limited time we provided, we achieved the objective of the review and a diligent report to educate the charities trustees with decisions that needed to be made."


"Both instructors to this course were brilliant from start to finish. They both showed compassion and care for our team, and went above and beyond to facilitate our learning. I appreciate the listening ears and openness to our points of view. I would highly recommend this course and hope to keep in touch moving forward."

"The Group Consultation offered a space that I could share, feel listened to and learn from others. I loved it!"

"I found the structure behind the different aspects of resilience (5 pillars) offers a clear way to approach different issues."

"An excellent course, delivered to a high standard. Extremely informative and fantastic for professional development"

"Well prepared, professional and informative. The way Jess conducted the training was very thoughtful and supportive"

"Wonderfully informative and practical course, delivered by graceful practitioners'"

"Brilliant breakdown of information, alongside case studies to consolidate learning. It was simply brilliant"

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